Life Insurance for Professional Athletes

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Last updated on May 21, 2019

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Athletes focus a lot of their energy into becoming the best in their field. A professional athlete at the top of their game still has worries like everyone else. Like leaving behind debt, and making sure their families will be taken care of if they were to pass away.

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The only difference is that it can be more difficult for professional athletes to the right life insurance. There may be some obstacles standing in the way of your life insurance depending on the sport.

There are sports that are very dangerous while others are very hard on the body. If you are an athlete you may be asking yourself, can I get life insurance? Does it make a difference if I am taking supplements? What else do I have to be aware of?

Here is what we are going to cover to help you get life insurance for professional athletes.

  • Can I Get Life Insurance?
  • Will my Supplements Affect my Rates?
  • What Other Factors Are Considered?

Insurance for Professional Athletes

Even though there are obstacles in the way of getting your life insurance for professional athletes.  Great rates are available to most athletes depending on the sport they participate in.

Participating in a more dangerous sport won’t automatically give you higher rates. You may still qualify for preferred rates depending on your specific situation. Life insurance companies biggest concern is finding out the risk you pose to them.

Depending on the sport the insurance company is going to take different factors into account. For example, for aviation, an underwriter will check the type of flying, type of aircraft, hours logged solo, annual hours logged and overall experience.

If you are a bodybuilder or have to maintain a high body mass to compete you could spend more on life insurance. This will be due to your build, every insurance company has a build chart.

Each company has its own height and weight that they consider ideal.

Runners may have problems with their liver enzyme tests. Endurance athletes could test positive for elevated liver enzymes simply due to their running. If you have recently gone through rigorous exercise your enzymes could be elevated for a week or more. So, it is better to apply for life insurance in between your races when you are doing light training.

Will Supplement Impact Life Insurance Rates?

With supplements on everyone’s minds from multivitamins to more advanced BCAA, Beta-Alanine, protein, and creatine. It can be easy to skew your medical exam with supplements.

Websites like or make it even easier for the average Joe to get these advanced supplements and affect their insurance.

If you are taking supplements keep this in mind when you are buying life insurance.

  • Tell your agent and examiner that you are taking supplements
  • How often and why you are taking supplements?
  • When did you start taking them?
  • Specific details of supplements

When you apply for life insurance for professional athletes there will most likely be a medical exam. In the medical exam, you are going to have health questions and a blood and urine sample.

Keep your supplements a secret from your agent and examiner could hurt you in the end. Your supplements could make the exam come back abnormal and the company will think it is because you have health issues.

Having this happen could lead to a table rating or even a declined application.

Some supplements will automatically hurt your chances of getting a life insurance policy like anabolic steroids. Same goes for the number of supplements you are taking. Someone with a gym back full of supplements they are taking is going to have a harder time getting approved.

The acceptable amount of supplements you can take will vary by the insurance company.

Other Factors for Life Insurance for Professional Athletes

Your overall health, as with any other fully underwritten life insurance policy is very important. Including tobacco use, driving record, criminal record, lifestyle, family history, and any other health condition.

Along with your medical exam, your medical records and prescription history will be pulled.

For example, if you suffer from depression and fly your airplane on the weekend the underwriter is going to look at both situations and then determine if you are insurable.

With a preexisting condition like high blood pressure, the underwriter is going to want to see that you are following your treatment. Also, the severity of your condition and any interference with your life.

Having your condition under control will help your case a lot. Be sure to get a statement from your doctor saying your condition is under control if that is the case. Most companies will ask for this information when considering your application as well.

So, if you are looking for life insurance for professional athletes your professional career isn’t the only thing that is evaluated.

Final Thoughts on Life Insurance for Athletes

There are a lot of factors that go into getting life insurance for professional athletes. From the type of sport, other medical conditions, your build if you are a bodybuilder. Participating in more dangerous sports will make it a little bit more difficult to get life insurance.

If you are taking supplements like most professional athletes and a lot of non-athletes do, keep in mind that it may affect your life insurance rates. Taking a lot of supplements at a time can even get you declined for life insurance.

In the end, life insurance companies are going to evaluate your health as a whole. Having more health issues or participating in dangerous sports will make it a little more difficult to secure insurance but not always impossible.

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