Pre-existing medical condition! Can you still get affordable life insurance?

Mike Raines
Posted in Risk
Pre-existing medical condition

Quick Tip- For the fastest rates on life insurance with a pre-existing medical condition call us at 1-888-393-9003. You have a pre-existing medical condition. Can you still get affordable life insurance? You need life insurance protection for your loved ones. The problem is you are not sure if you can afford the coverage due to a pre-existing.. Read More

7 Reasons Why Your Insurance Premiums Are Rising Faster Than Your Salary

Jeff Root Jeff Root
Posted in Advice

As he blazed/thrashed/insulted his way to the White House, one of Donald Trump’s constant talking points was that Obamacare was not working. According to Trump, it was a “disaster” that only he could fix. His criticisms have certainly been…creative. Whether he can actually fix it remains to be seen, but he was right about one.. Read More

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