Stay-At-Home Moms – 9 Things You Need To Know About Life Insurance

Heidi Mertlich Heidi Mertlich
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Stay-at-home moms (SAHMs) have unique life insurance considerations. The value you bring to your family is priceless, yet you don’t necessarily earn an income. It can be difficult to determine if (and how much) life insurance is necessary to protect the contributions you make to your family. Often, insurance agents will recommend a client purchase life.. Read More

17 Things You Need to Know About Buying Life Insurance for Someone Else

Ty Stewart
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Buying Life Insurance for Someone Else-River with mountain range in background

Can you buy life insurance on another person? YES But it MUST meet certain criteria. In this article we’ll explore the 17 things you need to know about buying life insurance for someone else including: What is insurable interest and why does it matter? When is consent required? How to avoid doing anything fraudulent 9 situations you.. Read More