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8 Facts About Life Insurance With Type 2 Diabetes

Heidi Mertlich Heidi Mertlich
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Late-night talk show host, Jimmy Fallon, has a bit called, “Thank You Notes” – where he sarcastically shows appreciation for things that bother him. Type 2 Diabetes definitely deserves its own Thank You Note: Thank you, Type 2 Diabetes, for my nerve pain, irritability and blurred vision. I so appreciate all the money I get.. Read More

Life Insurance And Antidepressants: 7 Facts

Heidi Mertlich Heidi Mertlich
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It’s also incredibly common to apply for life insurance while taking an antidepressant. Often, those applications are approved. Taking an antidepressant can directly impact the outcome of your life insurance application. It’s not just the medication itself, though. Underwriters (their job is to evaluate life insurance applications) are interested in the big picture. Here’s what.. Read More