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6 Ways Your Lupus Affects Life Insurance

Heidi Mertlich Heidi Mertlich
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lupus life insurance

There’s an age-old discourse about whether life imitates art or art imitates life. Either way, the two are closely connected. Lupus can even be viewed through an artistic lens (!). Imagine your life as one big theatrical performance (not too difficult, right?) You are, of course, the star of the show, and those close to.. Read More

The Bottom Line On Survivorship Life Insurance (5 Things To Think About)

Heidi Mertlich Heidi Mertlich
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survivorship life insurance

Salt and Pepper. Pen and Paper. Milk and Honey. Love and Marriage. Some things are better together. The same can be said for purchasing life insurance, sometimes. Survivorship life insurance, also known as second-to-die life insurance, covers multiple people and is often purchased by spouses. It makes sense in some situations. Let’s dive in and.. Read More